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The sets in this section are for people who want to sell these sets/kits in their own store.



You Must:

1. Color the Color Me Sets you buy from us and sell them colored and all together as you bought them.
2. ALL layers MUST be merged into ONE LAYER so people cannot alter the images.
3. No Preview is included, so please use your own.

4. READ the rest of this page as these TOU apply to COLOR ME sets AND Clipart sets.


You must own your own website or do it at ebay or etsy. Please read the other rules below.

**MULTI VENDOR STORES: If you want to sell the sets/kits at a multi vendor store, and want to purchase Cheryl Seslar's sets (at any store online even), you must buy her "Multi Vendor License" from her. She can be contacted at : for more information.

*You may buy our sets to sell if you do the following (but final approval is NOT given until the following are done):

1. YOU provided us the link to your website (not just the name of your store, we need the FULL URL) of where you will be selling it

2. You have put our reseller banner on your main page ( not at the bottom of the page) OR your Artist's Credit page AND it is a CLICKABLE link.

3. Always give us credit in each product description.

** You CANNOT have our banner as a ROTATING BANNER. Our banner must be visible at all times.
When you do these things, you must then email us ( and let us know you did the above and wait for a brief reply back and then you are officially approved.  This way you know you're approved and we have confirmation you are approved.

If you have not done the above, you must before you sell our sets. Please EMAIL us when you have done those things.


Please Note:   Even though we do not police stores that sell our sets/kits for commercial use....we do at times check to be sure our banner is up and that credit is being given in the product descriptions.

We realize that sometimes things get accidentally deleted when working with a page's HTML, but that is why we check here and there. We trust people, we've just found a few cases where the banner has been accidentally deleted when changing the HTML of a page.
If we email you and let you know that our banner doesn't seem to be up or something, please understand. We too have to follow the TOU of the Artist's we buy  our sets from.

Only sets in this RESELLER SECTION can be sold and NOTHING is RESELLER for RESELLER.  Nothing else in our store can be sold, only items labeled "RESELLER" in the title that are in this area (Reseller Program).

Refunds are not allowed for any item bought in our store due to the nature of our store.

*We reserve the right to sell one copy of anything we sell in our Reseller program, in our store.

Below is what you can/can't do, and what you must do:

You Must:

1. Resell the clipart as individual collections AND can only sell them "as is" (clipart sets), meaning as you buy it from us.
**COLOR ME sets MUST be colored in before selling them.
2. Use the Preview I provided in the zip file (Clipart sets).
3. Sell the set on your own website that you own (whether it's a multi-vendor or not).
4. Add our licensed reseller banner provided in the zip file to your website in the Artist's credit area with a clickable link to and a link to the original artist's website also.

Using just text is not ok.

5. When you create your account with us you must provide your website URL (not just the store name) where you will be selling them and send us the new URL if it changes.

You May Not:

1. Recolor or edit the clip art
2. You can't offer any of these products for free.

You May:

1. You may resell each product under your own terms of use (provided you follow the terms listed here), but you can't resell them in any type of reseller program, graphics club/group or subscription etc. 
2. Sell these collections for retail on your own website (NOT in  Reseller Program of any kind).
3. You can set your own price as long as you do not sell them for LESS THEN $1.00.
4. Sell these collections an unlimited number of times.

**Purchasing any product allows you a license for one (1) website only. If you want any collection for more then one website, you must purchase one collection for each website.

Please do not assume....if you have any questions, please email me at

Use the BANNER below (if it's not included in the zip file) to link to my website on your own website.

Whimsy Doodle Graphics Licensed Reseller

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